Affiliate eMail and PM Templates

Templates located in Members Area


1 Media Affiliates are B2B Marketers

Our Affiliates Target Businesses with LINKS

To Industry Specific Pages on 1 MEDIA

For Lawyers, Doctors, Realtors, etc.

Legal – Medical – Auto – Contractors

Homes – Restaurants – Hotels


Affiliates use eMails and PM’s or DM’s

To contact Businesses

PM Private Messages (Facebook)

DM Direct Messages (Twitter)


New Clients respond to our Affiliates efforts

New Clients Contact 1 MEDIA to Join our Network

IP Addresses of potential New Clients are tracked

So when a New Client joins

The Affiliate Code they linked to earns a Commission

Average Commission is $1,000


The Key to being a 1 MEDIA Affiliate

Is learning how to use our eMail and PM/DM Templates

Templates for Affiliates are in Members Area


Our Templates focus on the benefits a New Client gets

By using the large 1 MEDIA Network of Keyword Portals

Plus our IT Staff of 7 Types of Expensive IT/IM Gurus

IT Information Technology

IM Internet Marketing


Each client has 7 GURUS that work on their account

This allows our clients to maximize their ROI


They make on Internet Marketing

It would cost a company over 1 MILLION US DOLLARS

To hire 7 Real IT and IM GURUS

To try to do what our IT Staff does for our clients


Typical response in IM (Internet Marketing)

Is less than 5%

Our clients see 25% to 75% Response Ratios

That is why companies hire 1 MEDIA to do their Internet Marketing


1 MEDIA also operates over 300 Keyword Portals

Keyword Portals give new clients tremendous Benefits

Keyword Portals save clients money on expensive PPC Ads

The reason is Keyword Portals get higher CTR than other sites


Most small companies cannot afford

To hire 7 Gurus to do Internet Marketing

A lightning fast server network

That delivers content under 1 Second

This maximizes Response Ratios


When you put it all together

Super Fast Cloud Network Servers

300+ Keyword Business and Local Search Portals

High Response Content designed by real Gurus

7 Gurus to help Clients in all aspects of IM

Increasing Response Ratios from less than 5% to over 25%


The End Result is 1 MEDIA

The best solution for Companies

That cannot afford a full time IT Staff

To maximize their Internet Marketing



1 Media

Over 300 Web Portals

Helping Companies Go Viral




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