1 Media

Over 300 Web Portals

Helping Companies Go Viral


Content Distribution

For Local, National and Global Companies



Companies spend large amounts of money

Creating Digital Content

That has a hard time reaching Targeted Consumers

Companies Content is LOST on sites such as Youtube


Search Engines such as Google


To force them to buy PPC ads


This is where the 1 MEDIA  Network

Helps Companies reach Targeted Consumers

From Local Companies with Youtube Videos

To Local News Companies with Youtube News Videos

And Publishing Companies with Book Videos

As well as Music Companies with Music Videos

And even Film Companies with Trailers and Movies


The 1 MEDIA  Network has Portals

That reaches Targeted Consumers

Our users go to our Portals


From News Videos & Music Videos to Movies

To Videos for Local Companies for Services and Products


The 1 MEDIA  Network has a portal that targets your consumer

If you are a News Company we have Global Users on 1 News

If you are a Publishing Company we have Global Users on 1 eBooks

If you are a Music Label we have Global Users on 1 Music


If you are a local business


We operate the largest network of Geo Portals that include

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Chicago

1 Philadelphia

1 Phoenix

1 Dallas

1 Houston

1 San Diego

1 San Francisco

1 Seattle

1 Atlanta

1 Miami

1 Palm Beach

1 Boca Raton

1 Fort Lauderdale

1 London

1 United Kingdom

1 Las Vegas


Let the 1 MEDIA  Network

Help you find Targeted Consumers



1 Media

Over 300 Web Portals

Helping Companies Go Viral




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