Large Market Network Fees

$2,500.00 / month


Monthly Network Fee

Large Market


This is the Monthly Fee for a Large Market

For any Business to be on the 1 Search and 1 Media Business Network

It includes fees for your landing page on 1 of our Portals

It includes fees for the content we created for you

It includes up to $5000 Monthly PPC Management

If your PPC budget exceeds that

You will get a separate bill at 50% for Overage


You PPC Spend is $8000 in a month

You have $5000 credit in management fees

So you are billed for overage

In this example $3000 Monthly Overage

50% of $3000 is $1500

So your overage charge is only $1500


1 Media

Over 300 Web Portals

Helping Companies Go Viral




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